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About High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Product Information

High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) is amongst the best-known surface materials in more than 100 years of history. It offers many irreplaceable features and benefits where no other materials could match.

HPL consists of layers of specially selected printed paper and kraft paper impregnated with thermosetting synthetic resins and fused together under heat and high pressure in a controlled environment so that the component parts consolidate to form a single high-density sheet of laminate.

Advantages of HPL

  • High commercial value
  • Various interior applications
  • Requires of minimal maintenance
  • Wide selection of trendy decors and surface textures


  • HPL is one of the best decorative surfaces and can be used as the face/back of plywood, blockboard, particle board and MDF board.
  • Applicable to all aspects of living – kitchen, office, residential finishing, interior finishes, wall & façade coverings, retails outlets, laboratories, and etc.

Care and Maintenance

  • ICA HPL is reckoned with its least maintenance surface. However as other interior materials, it should not allow any of the reagent/cleansers which contain abrasives, acids or alkalis to remain in contact with the decorative surface.The decorative surface may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps, such as used for hands or dishes. Remove stubborn stains with a 2-minute exposure of hypochlorite bleach and followed by a clean water rinse.

About ICA® High Pressure Laminates

ICA® HPL has a wide range of selections- Essential Wood/ Rainbow Colour/ Artistic Collection and its latest launched of Modern Vintage series. Modern Vintage consists of trendy

Classic colour that matches in vogue Industrial heritages of Wood, Cement, Stone, Metal and Fabric.

We have adopted the world trend and designs originated from Europe and Asia. We maintain the position as the market’s trend leader through consistent quality improvement, constantly exploring in modern surface textures and latest designs.

ICA® HPL is in line with requirement quality set by NEMA (American Standard for Decorative Laminates). Below is the table for the NEMA High Value Performance.

High Value Performance

(NEMA- American Standard for Decorative Laminates)


Property Rating General Purpose NEMA Required Value
Thickness Tolerance mm (+/-) 0.127
Wear Resistance Cycles/min 300
Ball Impact Resistance min. 20mm
Dimensional Change %MD max. 0.6
Dimensional Change %CD max. 1
Boiling Water Resistance min. No Effect
High Temperature Resistance min. Slight Effect
Radiant Heat Resistance min. 80
Stain Resistance min. No Effect
Light Resistance min. Slight Effect
Cleanability Cycles max. 25

ICA believes and upholds the principle of ‘ICA’s HPL is Value for Money’. With the highly competitive price we are able to supply to various types of projects by having sufficient available stock. ICA is always ready to suit our customers’ diverse and complex needs.

In addition, our manufacturers are certified with Singapore Green Label in Year 2011 as well as ISO Standard, and also SIRIM QAS International tested (certificates are shown as below).