“While there is life, there is hope.”
– Stephen Hawking

While there is life, there is hope

Tomorrow will be a new beginning, while the sky may seem darker than before, there are always stars shining in the night. Stay strong and never give up; there’s always hope if you’re willing to work for it. Take that extra step forward when you don’t think you can go any further; make your dreams a reality. Always remember:

While there is life, there is Hope – Stephen Hawking

Super Matte Series   NEW

ICA Innovation introduces their newest series of Super Matte HPLs. Inspired by the latest technological advances in laminate surfaces, these new laminates offer a unique super matte, consistent finish that makes it visually appealing. They have an amazing velvety feel that must be seen and felt to be truly appreciated.

Marble Series   NEW

The marble design is a popular decoration sought-after by many renowned designers globally. It is a perfect choice for any interior design project. Its rich detail and very artistic nature can function to spark specific moods in a space.

Leather Series  NEW

Proudly introducing our cruelty-free all new Leather Design, this range is specially catered to those concerned about the welfare of animals. The design has a rich and inviting look, adding sophistication into your home design. It is stylish and versatile, which goes well with most styles of decorating be it traditional or modern. Leather has a natural feel that makes it so irresistible to many people – there’s no regret in including some leather design for your room!

Horizontal Wood   NEW

Great design that uses cognitive and visual contrast not only makes you stand out, it can also generate impact, and create visual interest. This year, ICA laminate adds sleek and chic horizontal wood finishes to our new collection.

Wood Series   NEW

If you’re looking for a beautiful laminate with luxurious touches, then look no further! 

There’s a finish to suit your design desires, whether you’re looking for the very latest trends, or something more basic. There’s something to suit all tastes with our vast range of sustainable design. Our designs offered are adaptive to the quickly changing trends, and suitable applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. So, come visit us today and let our friendly staff help you find the ideal design for your home!