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High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is amongst the best-known surface materials in interior design. High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) or Decorative Laminate can be used to enhance the appearance of the building interior’s design, especially for furniture application. Therefore, wooden furniture such as wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, countertops, and door or wall panel is suitably applied in High-Pressure Laminate.

ICA has a wide range of HPL laminate products to incorporate into any interior design theme.

ICA Laminate Products 2021 – THE TEN Series

THE TEN – We hear your voice!

ICA proudly introducing the new dimension 4ft x 10ft (1220mmx3050mm) HPL sheet, which is different from the traditional 4ft x 8ft (1220m x 2440mm) as HPL Laminate commonly identified in the market since.

The 4ft x 10ft size is best for a full-height door, lift cladding and full height furniture or wall panel which is more than an 8ft application.

We have selected ready stocks available for your project solution.

New Laminate Products 2021 – THE TEN Series
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ICA Laminate Products 2021 – Herringbone Series

Herringbone Series

Herringbone – Home decor patterns are named based on their similarity to the skeletal structure of a herring fish.

Herringbone is a classic pattern that works well with sleek modern designs with its eye-catching zigzags because of its versatility and comfortably fit well with the vintage architectural details.

New Laminate Products 2021 – Herringbone Series
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ICA Laminate Products 2021 – Elegant Teak Series

Elegant Teak Wood Series

Teak wood is a tropical hardwood tree origin comes from Asia. Teak is created from the Malayan term “tekka,” showing its significance in Oriental culture and everyday life. So, it’s the ” Gold standard ” of wood. Teak is also known as “ King of Woods ”, the best wood ever.

Natural Teak has a golden and honey brown color with harmony interior view. Besides, it is durable and has a strong wood property that provides a comfortable look with a warm, smooth, yet textured feel to any design.

New Laminate Products 2021 – Elegant Teak Series
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ICA Laminate Products 2021 – Marble Series

Marble Series

Marble is one of the popular natural design choices for homes’ interior design. Each stone has its unique look and beautiful color, which adds elegance and creates serenity in the atmosphere. Additionally, The charm and the beauty of marble add value to offer a wide range of selections to replicate classic architectural styles.

Besides, a marble surface brings a feeling of spaciousness and makes spaces seem lighter & broader. So, it is perfect for homes, offices, and public areas.

New Laminate Products 2021 – Marble Series
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New Colour – Turquoise

Turquoise (pronoun tuh·kwoyz) is a blue-to-green mineral. It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue.
It symbolized love, healing, friendship, luck, and courage. Besides that, turquoise colour help in creating emotional balance and stability.

ICA Catalog 2021 turquoise colour is representing the healing and loves that brings everyone together to face the challenge with strong courage, and to build a better future after the pandemic.

New Laminate Products 2021 – New Colour Series
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ICA High-pressure Laminate is applicable to all aspects of living – kitchen, office, residential finishing, interior finishes, wall & façade coverings, retail outlets, laboratories, and etc.

ICA has a wide range of selections – Essential Wood, Rainbow Colour, Artistic Collection and its latest launch of Modern Vintage series. Modern Vintage consists of trendy. Besides Modern Vintage style, A classic color that matches in vogue Industrial heritages of Wood, Cement, Stone, Metal, and Fabric. In summary, ICA adopted the world trend and designs originated from Europe and Asia & constantly exploring modern surface textures and the latest designs.

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