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High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is amongst the best-known surface materials in interior design. High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) or Decorative Laminate can be used to enhance the appearance of the building interior’s design, especially for furniture application. Therefore, wooden furnitures such as wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, countertops, and door or wall panel are suitable applied in High-Pressure Laminate .

ICA has a wide range of HPL laminate products to incorporate into any interior design theme.

Besides, ICA laminate products can be engineered to be anti-bacterial and can be used in hygiene-sensitive environments, such as dining restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals, and hotels.

1. Wardrobe

High-Pressure Laminate is applied to the wardrobe. The bedroom is incomplete without a proper closet or wardrobe. These pieces of furniture will not only fulfill their primary purpose but will also act as a decorative element. Therefore, ICA wide range of HPL laminate products can suit any bedroom interior design theme.

2. Kitchen Cabinet

ICA’s HPL Laminate once applied to the kitchen cabinet, will last for an extended period due to its material durability and scratch resistance property.

The surface of HPL Laminate can withstand heat and stain. In other words, HPL Laminate is a preferred choice of surface design material to create any designer’s theme with a perfect look and feels end-result for the owner.

3. Wall Panel

ICA’s collection HPL Laminate comes in various decor design and surface solutions to meet surface design expectations and different personal requirements.

The wide selection of woods, marble, stone, concrete, fabric, color, and fantasy design will meet all our customers’ expectations of the overall design concept.

However, It can create a natural look for the room or building that creates a personalized environment according to individual preference. In addition, the secret lies in picking up the right design surface and combinations to find a suitable theme.

4. TV Console Cabinet

ICA’s collection HPL Laminate has a wide range of surface designs for a TV cabinet.

Whether you decide to mount your TV on the wall or have it sit on a stand, a TV con is a perfect way to enrich your lifestyle experience. In addition, by providing ample storage for your media essentials, the right entertainment unit can also give your decor an extra injection of cleanliness and style.

TV stand with a wood panel that will help keep any room stylish and organized. There are many interior design style can selected such as Minimalist, Modern, Luxury, and Mid-Century Modern style, ICA Laminate has the suitable surface design & available to cater to any interior design theme.


ICA High-pressure Laminate is applicable to all aspects of living – kitchen, office, residential finishing, interior finishes, wall & façade coverings, retail outlets, laboratories, and etc.

ICA has a wide range of selections – Essential Wood, Rainbow Colour, Artistic Collection and its latest launch of Modern Vintage series. Modern Vintage consists of trendy. Besides Modern Vintage style, A classic color that matches in vogue Industrial heritages of Wood, Cement, Stone, Metal, and Fabric. In summary, ICA adopted the world trend and designs originated from Europe and Asia & constantly exploring modern surface textures and the latest designs.

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